‣ Joanie Mosby : President, Artist Representative, Contracts

Regions: Mid-West, West Coast, East Coast

I like music which is organic, authentic, and poignant.

I offer high quality unique performances by world class performers who never cease to amaze me or their audiences. The artists I represent can fill a concert hall and dazzle the audience with one instrument, one voice or one dance move; organic, authentic.

I am dedicated to introducing performers who are unmatched in their fields and dedicated to sharing their talent with all audiences.

Today’s audiences deserve to be transformed by the experience of a performance. Furthermore, the artists that I represent are dedicated to propagating the arts through their outreach and education.

Attending a live performance is the life blood of the performing arts world and it is my hope you will be transformed!



‣ Todd Mosby: Owner, Artist, Entrepreneur, Web & Graphics Deployment

Region: Midwest

Todd has been involved in the Music industry for the past 30 years graduating, Fontbonne University with a B.A. in Music Business, a B.S. in Business Administration and Webster University with a Masters in Music in Composition.

He has worked the local, regional and national markets as artist, subcontractor of small and medium sized ensembles. Mosby has worked with the largest Mid-West agencies along with his own booking and producing concerts for clubs, festivals, theaters, dance companies and performing arts centers.

Mosby is a PSIA certified ski instructor, author of 4 books on guitar /songwriting technique and is an avid hiker, swimmer, biker and general lover of the out doors.

Bring in the light with music!


‣ DeBlaze & Associates

Director Public Relations

Specializing in the entertainment industry with a focus on jazz, Dawn creates awareness, influences public attitudes and changes behavior. She concentrates on entertainment media campaigns, serving as a match-maker between organizational messages, the media and their audiences. Overall, she's helped our reputation soar to new heights!

Great at building traction in familiar and uncharted territories, Deblaze & Associates is all about passionate public relations. From digital media releases, to print, radio and television, Mosby Music'c media presence has never been stronger.