Joanie Mosby : West Coast Artist Representative, President,

I like music which is organic, authentic, and poignant.

I offer high quality unique performances by world class performers who never cease to amaze me or their audiences. The artists I represent can fill a concert hall and dazzle the audience with one instrument, one voice or one dance move; organic, authentic.

I am dedicated to introducing performers who are unmatched in their fields and dedicated to sharing their talent with all audiences.

Today’s audiences deserve to be transformed by the experience of a performance. Furthermore, the artists that I represent are dedicated to propagating the arts through their outreach and education.

Attending a live performance is the life blood of the performing arts world and it is my hope you will be transformed!



Todd Mosby: Mid West Artist Representative, Owner

Todd has been involved in the Music industry for the past 30 years graduating, Fontbonne University with a B.A. in Arts Administration, B.S. in Business Administration and an MM in Music Composition.

He has worked the local, regional and national markets as artist and contractor for small to medium sized ensembles. Mosby has worked with the largest Mid-West as a subcontractor. He has much experience in booking and producing concerts for clubs, festivals, theaters, dance companies and performing arts centers.

Mosby is also PSIA certified ski instructor, author of 4 books on guitar /songwriting technique and is an avid hiker, swimmer, biker and general lover of the outdoors.

Bring in the light with the music!

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Hank Knerr: East Coast Artist Representative

  • 724-422-5757
  • hank@mosbymusicgroup.com
  • 423 Risinger Road
  • Indiana, PA 15701

For the past 28 years, Hank has served as the executive director of the Lively Arts at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) in Indiana, Pennsylvania, promoting and presenting nearly 200 in-house and touring visual and performing arts events and projects each year. In this position, his responsibilities included presenting a diverse season of touring performing artists, extensive arts-in-education outreach activities, the IUP Community Music School, performance facilities management, and web maintenance.

Hank currently serve as secretary with the North American Performing Arts Managers and Agents and just completed service to the PA Presenters, twice serving as its president. I am also the vice president of the Pennsylvania Rural Arts Alliance and have also served on the boards of the Indiana Arts Council, Indiana Country Tourist Bureau, and Indiana County Humane Society.

He is an active member of the Association of Performing Arts Professionals (APAP) and recipient of numerous grants including such funding organizations as the National Endowment for the Arts, Japan Foundation, Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, National Dance Project, PNC Charitable Trusts, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, and others. Highly active in state and national arts advocacy and arts-in-education programs, Hank has served for several years on the planning committee of the Performing Arts Exchanged, chaired several professional conferences, and headed the host planning for the 2014 Pennsylvania Governors Awards for the Arts.


DeBlaze & Associates: Public Relations

Specializing in the entertainment industry with a focus on jazz, Dawn creates awareness, influences public attitudes and changes behavior. She concentrates on entertainment media campaigns, serving as a match-maker between organizational messages, the media and their audiences. Overall, she's helped our reputation soar to new heights!

Great at building traction in familiar and uncharted territories, Deblaze & Associates is all about passionate public relations. From digital media releases, to print, radio and television, Mosby Music'c media presence has never been stronger.