Todd Mosby PR imrat guitar 2 color

Todd Mosby


Acclaimed Indian Jazz Guitarist Todd Mosby has created a new musical syntax integrating Indian classical music and Western music, encompassing elements from classical, folk, bluegrass and jazz.

The result opens new frontiers with exciting new sounds and structures that transcend known genres of music.


What do you get when you mix George Harrison, Debussy, Miles Davis and Imrat Khan?

Todd Mosby is one of a handful of artists able to merge the eEast West improvisational music culture is a way which is easily accessible both audiences.

"He is the most innovative guitarist of this century." - Ustadt Imrat Khan

Steve Lippia

Steve Lippia


Steve Lippia is a consummate professional. A master of the great American song book with an elegant ability to transform audiences from Birdland to the Nashville Symphony Orchestra.

Lippia's book is huge. This Grammy nominated singer starts where Frank Sinatra finished and takes his performances to new heights every night.

Roberta Donnay

Roberta Donnay & The Prohibition Mob

The Prohibition Mob Band, led by Roberta Donnay, is a vintage jazz and swing band that employs 1920-30s swing, blues, and roots music in the jazz tradition.

The ensemble's mission is to explore, celebrate, and promote America's jazz roots by interpreting vintage material as well as contributing original works reminiscent of the Jazz Age.

Roberta Donnay & the Prohibition Mob Band have been touring the U.S. since 2012.

Pete Seeger The Storm King

Pete Seeger The Storm King

Grammy Nominated Album for Best Spoken Word, “The Storm King” Narration by the late Pete Seeger.

Pete Seeger: The Storm King grew organically from a series of conversations between Seeger and his younger collaborator, percussionist and producer Jeff Haynes.

In this unique blend of spoken word, music, and video, the late Seeger’s recollections about his life, travels and creative process find a perfect match in the imaginative orchestrations of Haynes.