Mosby Music Group, LLC

Contemporary Concerts

  • Will Ackerman The Gathering 4 Guitars
  • Will Plus 3 hand picked guitarists

"Four very talented men who truly love guitars making wonderful music together. The playing on this album is beautiful." - DAVID CROSBY

  • Todd Mosby New Horizons Ensemble
  • Todd Mosby Acoustic Guitar

"He plays his ass off..." - Mike Stern

  • The New Chairman
  • Sensational Sound
  • Full Symphony Orchestra to Big Band to Small Band
  • Vintage Jazz and Swing Band that employs
  • 1920-30s Swing, Blues, and Roots music in the jazz tradition.
  • Exquisite Contemporary Dance
  • Creation, Education & Performance
  • A Jeff Haynes Production
  • The Life & Times of Pete Seeger
  • A History of America Thru Music

Mosby Music Group, LLC is a boutique Music Agency specializing in award winning Contemporary Acoustic Instrumental concert artists.

Our goal is to transform audiences with dynamic performances creating memorable moments and an evening long remembered.