Mosby Music Group, LLC

Contemporary Concerts

  • Will Ackerman
  • The Gathering, Four Guitars
  • Founder Windham Hill Records
  • Todd Mosby
  • New Horizons Ensemble
  • American Portrait
  • Heidi Breyer
  • Solo & Trio Classical Pianist
  • Multi-Media Presentation
  • Michael Manring
  • Fretless Bass Master
  • Bass Player of the Year Award
  • Bryan & Lola
  • Songs From he Heart
  • Blending Original Pop, Jazz and Folk Classics
  • Jeff Haynes Production
  • The Storm King
  • Life & Times of Pete Seeger

Mosby Music Group, LLC is a boutique live music agency representing award winning contemporary concert artists in the acoustic instrumental genre.

Our goal is to exceed concert expectations with dynamic performances and a responsive team willing to go the extra mile.

Our mission is to present premium, world class concerts which excite audiences, give to the community and transform lives.

Mosby Music Group, LLC

  • A boutique Live Music Agency
  • Contemporary Concerts

p: 636-368-5085

16706 Marcross CT
Saint Louis, MO 63005

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