Mosby Music Group, LLC

Contemporary Concerts

  • Will Ackerman The Gathering 4 Guitars
  • Will Plus 3 of his hand picked favorite guitarists
  • Todd Mosby New Horizons Ensemble
  • Todd Mosby Acoustic Guitar
  • Vintage Jazz and Swing Band that employs
  • 1920-30s Swing, Blues, and Roots music in the jazz tradition.
  • Exquisite Contemporary Dance
  • Creation, Education & Performance
  • A Jeff Haynes Production
  • The Life & Times of Pete Seeger
  • A History of America Thru Music
  • Contemporary Neo Classical Pianist
  • Moonlight In Empty Rooms Concert Series

Mosby Music Group, LLC is a boutique Music Agency specializing in award winning Contemporary Acoustic Instrumental concert artists.

Our goal is to transform your audience with dynamic performances, memorable moments and an evening which they will long remember.