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Todd Mosby

Acoustic Guitar Techniques

Seminar: Acoustic Guitar Techniques

Acoustic guitar has a rich history in American music culture. It s one of the most popular instruments in the world. As such, it is one of the easiest to pick up yet one of the hardest to master. Three chords allows access to numerous popular songs yet how to own them and turn them into your own statement is as vast as your knowledge base will allow.

Todd's goal in this seminar is to sharpen technique and take players of all levels to their next musical plateau. Drawing on a vast knowledge of experience and three ground breaking books on Guitar Techniques For Songwriters, he provides attendees a set of highly simplified tools which cracks open the code to more refined playing.

Contingent on seminar size and direction, topics will include:

  • 3 basic chord shapes/8 basic chords
  • Common chord patterns
  • Color Chords
  • Strumming Techniques / Flat Picking
  • Figer Style Technique
  • Altered Tunings
  • Common Altered Chord Shapes
  • Acoustic Blues Guitar (whole topic unto itself)

By the end of the seminar, participants will have the inspiration and information to advance their playing and continue with a new set of skills.

Comparative Study In Raga & Jazz Improvisational Forms


A comparative analysis between the similarities, differences, developments and advancements of improvisational instrumental found in North India and North America. In depth analysis of the Raga and the Jazz forms as a base for improvisation.

Mosby is one of a handful of musicians capable of translating the connections between India, western musics roots and its development in America.

As the personal guest lecturer of Ustadt Imrat Khan at Washington University for over six years, Mosby delivers lectures which engage, educate and entertain students and connoisseurs at all levels.

Topics Covered

  • Classical North Indian music and western music: historical overview
  • Scales used; similarities and differences
  • Rhythmic structures; similarities and differences
  • Solfege and Surgam; treatment of the mean.
  • Improvisation: outer form; overall structural considerations
  • Improvisation: inner form; internal note choice considerations
  • Historical perspective on instrument design in relation to musical advancement.

Master Class: Guitar Rigs & Pedal Boards

Having a command of the skills needed to get the most from your guitar, amp and pedal board rig is essential to any contemporary guitarist serious about their sound. This seminar provides guitarists with an overview of the skills and signature sound traits needed to be convincing in jazz, blues, rock, country and pop.

An examination of the four effect groups; gain based, modulation based, ambient based and filter based as well as their common order is then explored. In addition, and the most common order of placement in the pedal chain and then look at each individual processing effect.

By the end of the seminar you will be able to understand the factors that determine a guitar and amplifier's tonal characteristics, identify how effects are categorized, combined and how each pedal works to process your sound.

Master Class: Advanced Blues Guitar

A solid blues understanding provides instant added depth to any guitarists signature bag of tricks which can then be applied to any other style of music-jazz, rock, pop, classical. Guitarists with this basic foundation gain control in harmony, form, feel, time and rhythm and improvisation.

The basic 12-bar blues harmony and some of its derivations explored along with some basic rhythm guitar groove technique in order to navigate form, basic chord movement and turns arounds.

Next a method for learning the basic major and minor pentatonic scale from the open position thru its relative five positions is explored as well as the blues scale. Classic riffs from blues greats BB King, Magic Slim and Buddy Guy are then applied to aid learning and finger board knowledge.

Topics covered will be catered to audience level of understanding.

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