The New Horizons Ensemble offers a plethora of out reach programs which engage audiences, excite students and are a great adjunct to educators .

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Todd' s outreach targets professional, university and high school levels from beginner to advanced.

Todd received Berklee College of Music Certification in Orchestration, Arranging, Composition, Improvisation, Jazz Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Blues Guitar as well as a specialized class in Guitar Pedal Board techniques, an MM in Composition from Webster University, a BS/BA in Music Business and Music from Fontbonne University,

He has received two Global Music Awards, two ZMR nominations and was on the Grammy Ballot in three categories. He has taught classes at Washington University in Graphic Composition, Maryville University in Private Guitar and had a private teaching practice for 20 years.

The author of four technical books on guitar and veteran teacher at the university and private student levels, Todd has honed his communicative skills to drill down on the topics which will open minds and expand knowledge base.

Lecture Demo: Comparative Study In Classical North Indian & Traditional Jazz Improvisational Forms

A comparative analysis between the similarities, differences, developments and advancements of improvisational instrumental found in North India and North America. In depth analysis of the Raga and the Jazz forms as a base for improvisation.

Mosby is one of a handful of musicians capable of translating the connections between India, western musics roots and its development in America.

His years of private study and performances with Ustadt Imrat Khan, a living legend of Classical North Indian music, as well as studies at Berklee College of Music, research at Webster University and 20 years performance experience as a top flight performer of Indian and Jazz music gives Todd unique insights into the workings of these two great improvisational art forms.

As the personal guest lecturer of Ustadt Imrat Khan at Washington University for over six years, Mosby delivers lectures which engage, educate and entertain students and connoisseurs at all levels.

Topics Covered:

  • Classical North Indian music and western music: historical overview
  • Scales used; similarities and differences
  • Rhythmic structures; similarities and differences
  • Solfege and Surgam; treatment of the mean.
  • Improvisation: outer form; overall structural considerations
  • Improvisation: inner form; internal note choice considerations
  • Historical perspective on instrument design in relation to musical advancement.

Seminar: Acoustic Guitar Techniques

Todd works with all levels and ages of acoustic guitar players. He shares information from his books and draws on a vast knowledge base of teaching experience to provide attendees with a few simple tools they can take with them to take their playing to the next level.

Standard G, D, Drop D and Double drop D tunings are covered as well as a way to graphically visualize similar applicable shapes across the various tunings. Basic finger style as well as classical style RH techniques are introduced as well.

  • Topics include:
  • Right Hand Picking Patterns
  • Common Chord Patterns
  • Popular Tunes For Application
  • Tunings

Master Class: Advanced Improvisation

Todd’s linguistic approach to improvisation teaches how a few simple tools used to develop instrumental soloing & performance techniques can be applied to advanced chord changes, both in traditional jazz standards and complex modern harmony.

Todd explores techniques that great jazz guitarists (Mike Stern, Wes Montgomery) use in order to improvise over chord changes. Topics included cover rhythmic chord and comping considerations as well as effective use of approach notes, modes, scales and arpeggios.

Depending on audience level and direction of discussion, topics covering altered pentatonic scales, across-the-bar-line phrasing, diminished scales, melodic tension on dominant chords, blues in jazz, and nonfunctional harmonic improvisation will be deployed as well.

Ways to gain a more complete knowledge of the guitar fretboard will be addressed as this is a major component and barrier to learning improvisation.

Topics covered will be catered to audience level of understanding.

Seminar: Guitar Pedal Boards

This seminar is essential to any contemporary guitarist serious about their sound. In this lecture Todd discusses the skills needed to get the most from your guitar pedal board rig. An overview of the characteristic needs of each basic genre is discussed (acoustic guitar, blues guitar, trad jazz guitar, rock guitar, country guitar, contemporary guitar).

An examination of the four effect groups; gain based, modulation based, ambient based and filter based is explored. The most common order of placement in the pedal chain is explained followed by a detailed look at each individual processing unit.

Last we will study the pedal board rigs common to the blues, rock, jazz, country and pop genres of music in order to get a more convincing sound for each style.

By the end of the seminar you will be able to understand the factors that determine a guitar and amplifier's tonal characteristics, identify how effects are categorized, combined and how each pedal works to process your sound.

Michael Manring


“A master of the fretless bass without rival.” Michael has garnered two gold record awards, Grammy and Bammy nominations, Berklee College of Music Distinguished Alumni Award, numerous Bass Player Magazine Reader’s Poll awards including 1994 Bassist of the Year.

As a session musician, he has honed his skills on hundreds of recordings and thousands of performances throughout the world in venues including Carnegie Hall in NYC, Yamaha Hall in Tokyo and Davies Hall in San Fransisco.

He was house bassist with Wyndham Hill Records and worked with a range of artists from Susan Ciani to Michael Hedges to Thomas Dolby.

Michael Manring offers master classes, workshops, seminars, lectures and demonstrations. Each outreach opportunity works best when hand tailored to specific audiences.

Michael ’s school programs range from beginner to professional player and stretch across all educational platforms. Musicians are invited to bring their instrument. He also offers workshops for the general public.


Michael will demonstrate many of the unusual techniques he has developed for extending the expressive capabilities of the instrument and opening it's potential for solo performance.


Michael will work with students on exercises designed to increase their facility on and knowledge of the instrument. Topics include: muscle group isolation, permutation and combination studies for right and left hands and intervallic dexterity.


Most of us don’t think much about the bass guitar. We know that almost every band has a bassist who usually stands in the back and makes a pleasant, low sound and that’s about it. But if we take a closer look, we can see this is a deep, multifaceted and beautiful instrument with important things to say about our time.


Solkattu is an ancient South Indian system used to study rhythm that offers great benefits for all musicians. In this workshop Michael will demonstrate how to use the basic ideas of Solkattu to increase your rhythmic understanding, skill and creativity.


In this workshop Michael will lead participants through a series of stretches and exercises designed to keep the hands flexible, strong and healthy.

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Grammy Award winning percussionist and producer, Jeff Haynes has toured extensively with Cassandra Wilson, Lizz Wright, Pat Metheney Group and Harry Belafonte. His versatility as a seasoned multi genre percussionist continues to be part of today's sound with artists representing classical, to world beat to American Folk.

Jeff enjoys sharing his love for music, dynamic talent and rich experiences with people of all ages! He offers a world of music, rhythms and possibilities. Experience Jeff’s insights with these hands-on programs:

Percussion from Around the World — See, hear and play percussion instruments from all corners of the world.

Literature in Motion Series — Feel it! Get inside it! Rhythms and percussive colors bring poetry, stories and plays to life. Performances by professional story tellers, spoken word artists or students.

Drum History/Culture Series — Discover the beat of history with drums from Africa, India, Ireland, Brazil — and more! Explore and learn about the rhythms that shaped history and our heritage.

Coloring Music with Percussive Instruments — Express yourself! Listen to a diverse selection of music and play what you feel on drums and other percussion instruments.

Rhythm in Everyday Life — Close your eyes and discover there are rhythms all around you. Then experience handcrafted percussion instruments from all over the world that imitate animals, nature and more.

Hands on Drum Instruction — Residencies from One (1) day to four (4) days. Multiple days could have a culminating performance.

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