Todd Mosby Testimonials

Will Ackerman, founder Windham Hill Records

Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award

"Todd Mosby incorporates more influences into his composition and performance on guitar than anyone I’ve ever worked with and he doesn’t just dabble in those influences; he masters them.

His knowledge of Indian music is quickly apparent, but his virtuosity in and love of jazz is equally present; along with a graceful ease in bluegrass and folk music tradition.

Somehow he manages to synthesize these disparate elements into a singular musical voice that is unique in my experience… and “unique” is not a word I throw out easily or frequently. Sometimes, however, it’s apt; as it is with Todd Mosby.”

Gary Burton: Composer, Improvisor, Vibraphonist

Multi-grammy artist, former President Berklee College of Music

"You’re an excellent musician, Todd."

"It was a pleasure to have as a student."

Norm Zocher: New England Conservatory and Berklee College of Music professor

Guitar Legend, voted Boston's best Composer,

"I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed your writing & playing over the past few months, just amazing. Keep in touch Todd."

Ustadt Imrat Khan: India's Musical Embassador

Senior member if India's most prestigious sitar Gharana.

"Todd is one of the most innovative musicians of the 21st century."

"He has mastered the two mountains of Indian and Western Music."

"Todd is a great teacher."

Paul K. Reuter: Executive Director Sheldon Arts Foundation

“We have worked with Todd over the years….we appreciate everything he has done."

Pete Pardo: Blogger

Sea Of Tranquility

"Master guitar player Todd Mosby is a gifted musician who combines searing jazz rock ala John McLaughlin, Larry Coryell, and Pat Metheny, with North Indian rag influences."

Terry Perkins: Music Critic

Riverfront Times

"Mosby's guitar style moves easily from bop into Pat Metheny like jazz rock."

Nick Deriso: Columnist

Gannett News Service and USA Today, All About Jazz and Blues Revue

"Todd Mosby offers a shower of white-hot thoughts on the guitar."

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