Testimonials & Reviews for Pete Seeger The Storm King

Publishers Weekly

Starred Review

“Pete Seeger and percussionist/producer Haynes present one of the most original and inspired [productions] of the last decade . . .”

A.C.S. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award

“Be forewarned that listening will make you smile so much that your face will hurt. You’ll love every moment.”

Library Journal

Starred Review, Best Media 2013/Best Audio

"VERDICT: An especially interesting and lovely experiment, this program deserves to be heard.”—

Wellsville Daily Reporter

Kathryn Ross

“The onstage performance . . . is hauntingly moving and strikes a deep chord.”

Patriot and Free Press

Nora L. Wilson Wheeler

“The show opened with an attention-grabbing performance that was powerful, sorrowful and heartfelt . . . The performance ended perfectly—in the same way Mr. Seeger ended all his live performances—with an audience sing-a-long.”

The Palladium-Times

“When these passionate and talented artists perform together, they create a chemistry that is as wonderful to see as it is to hear . . .”

Pete Seeger

“It brings out things in my words that I never knew before.”

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