Storm King Outreach

Jeff currently offers six educational outreach programs for all ages and abilities, view them here!

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Storm King Outreach

Jeff currently offers six educational outreach programs. He enjoys sharing his love for music with people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Jeff's programs in world music, rhythms and various possibilities are inspirational and motivational. .

Percussion from Around the World — See, hear and play percussion instruments from all corners of the world.

Literature in Motion Series — Feel it! Get inside it! Rhythms and percussive colors bring poetry, stories and plays to life. Performances by professional story tellers, spoken word artists or students.

Drum History/Culture Series — Discover the beat of history with drums from Africa, India, Ireland, Brazil — and more! Explore and learn about the rhythms that shaped history and our heritage.

Coloring Music with Percussive Instruments — Express yourself! Listen to a diverse selection of music and play what you feel on drums and other percussion instruments.

Rhythm in Everyday Life — Close your eyes and discover there are rhythms all around you. Then experience handcrafted percussion instruments from all over the world that imitate animals, nature and more.

Hands on Drum Instruction — Residencies from One (1) day to four (4) days. Multiple days could have a culminating performance.

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