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Solo Fretless Bass Guitar

In his solo concerts, Michael weaves together his musical influences into a tapestry rich with expression, virtuosity, humor and meaning, using a variety of bass guitars and the far reaching, innovative approaches he is renown.

As one writer put it, “Michael Manring can do more with a bass than even the most creative individual could imagine.” (L. Pierce Carson, Napa Valley Register).

We hope you will follow the advice of France’s Musicien Magazine: “Do not miss your next opportunity to discover the bassist with the most fresh and inventive playing today.”

Michael is a one man orchestra. Arriving with only a few specially designed signature Zon basses and an FX processor, Michael takes the audience on a one way journey to Neverland..

Filled with wonder and amazement, the listener is set upon a track which will forever change their concept of music and what is possible on one instrument.

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Michael Manring: Stage Plot & Tech Needs

Here are Michael's Tech needs for his solo bass performance.

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