Here is a brief sampling of Heidi's music!

Letters From Far Away

Letters From Far Away is Heidi's musical interpretation of the story of one couple, who met in 1960, came from two different countries and at that time, against all odds, walked the rest of their lives together.

He live performance of this body of work brings the story to stage through music, story line, accompanying multi-media and lights.

Love is the common denominator that transcends time and links the generations over the course of decades. It is the one thing that connects us all.

" Love is the wind that shapes the dunes..."

Beyond The Turning

World Without End (track 2) is one of Heidi's best selling compositions to date. Please take a second to listen to this most beautiful composition and get transported!

Heidi is a top flight, world class performer and this particular live performance is one of the most beautiful collections of contemporary instrumental piano work available on the concert scene today.

This is what happens when Heidi explores beyond the turning... This is a great concert set to bring to your audiences!

  • Produced by Corin Nelsen
  • Special guest appearances from Eugene Freisen and Premik Tubbs.

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