Heidi Breyer Testimonials

Will Ackerman, Producer and Founder of Windham Hill Records

Letters From Far Away: Heidi Breyer

“Heidi Breyer continues to amaze with her evolution as a compose and as a performer.

The range of styles represented in Letters From Far Away is considerable, but like the outer planets in our solar system, these are held together by the gravity and persuasion of Breyer’s artistic voice.”

Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus.

A Treasure: Heidi Breyer

"Heidi has provided us with a treasure trove of beautiful recorded music, as well as an upcoming fifth CD to look forward to.

Heidi Breyer is a truly remarkable instrumentalist and composer whose expressive and melodic range is impressive, as is her emotionally evocative touch on the keyboard.

Letters From Far Away is musical storytelling at its best and illuminates the talents of a rising star in the piano world."

Steve Sheppard, One World Radio

Letters From Far Away

“"...This time she has out done herself and her deeply meaningful creation...will be regarded by followers of piano based music, as real raising of the musical bar... you will be deeply moved for an eternity by this incredible release.”

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