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‣ R.J. LANNAN – ZMR Reviewer

Letters From Far Away: Heidi Breyer

The ink may fade, but the memories…Letters from Far Away is a love story that began more than five decades ago across the briny Atlantic.

For the world, it was a time of new beginnings. For the lovers it was the birth of something so inexplicable that neither poets with their rhymes, nor philosophers with their thoughts could define it. Until now. It would take extraordinary music to explain it.

Enter pianist Heidi Breyer. She takes on the monumental task of telling a story that does not appear in known fairytales, but in the chronicles of the heart. Using her incredible composition skills, she offers not one, but two eleven-track disks of solo piano and its companion instrumental pieces. She takes on the role of bard, storyteller, musician, and singer – a modern day Scheherazade.

The contemporary music is twenty-two glimpses into the history of lovers that came from two different worlds and whose devotion was strong enough and endured long enough to build a single world of love. Let us meet the...




Epic. Somber. Introspective. Deep. Enigmatic. Whimsical. These are a few of the terms I might use to describe the piano stylings of HEIDI BREYER. However, simply trying to boil down all of her talents as a thoughtful player and songwriter down to the bare essence may not quite do justice to the masterpiece that is her third album, Beyond the Turningread more

Culling together her many influences from Classical, Jazz, New Age and Progressive Rock (channeling the late Richard Wright of PINK FLOYD at times), Heidi truly does “paint in sound” as her biography suggests. Using the emotional framework of the events in the world the last few years as a sonic allegory of sorts, Beyond the Turning takes your soul on a journey of discovery. The heartfelt opener “Farewell” has a sense of calming dismay to it and sets the mood for the majority of the album. “World Without End” continues the trek inward, slowly uncovering feelings of peace and resolve in its musical DNA.

Breyer has a jazz master’s touch when it comes to song craft and certainly her...


‣ Bill Binkelman - ZMR Review

Another Place Another Time: Heidi Breyer

Even when compared to the unbelievably high quality of music evidenced on most of the recordings that issue forth from Imaginary Road studios and the production team of Will Ackerman and Corin Nelsen, pianist Heidi Anne Breyer‘s Another Place and Time… is a superlative album.

This one of those CDs that, as soon as I made it through the first three cuts, I knew it was going to land a special place on “permanently playable” shelf.

Similar in mood and style to Tim Story’s “tragic beauty trilogy” (Beguiled, The Perfect Flaw, and Shadowplay), yet also more diverse (owing to the presence of more accompanists than Story’s CDs featured), Another Place and Time… is a highly introspective album, absolutely perfect for the seasons of late autumn and early winter, when many of us retreat into ourselves and our dwellings, to pause, reflect, remember, and (for some of us) regret. There is a distinctly discernible melancholic mood which permeates the music, although not in such a way that will bring the...


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